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-Tell us a bit about yourself (name,location,affiliation)
My name is Trisevyeni and I live in Patras..I am an artistic soul working for a boutique Hotel..well, I have to make a living somehow!

- What inspires you?Where do your ideas come from?
I am inspired by everything..by my emotions, by the trees, by the sea, by flowers, by fairytales..

-What are your favorites materials?
I love working with sparkle colorful gemmies and silver or goldfilled..I love working with copper and brass too.

- Why should we buy handmade?
Every handmade item, bears a tiny piece of the soul, of the thoughts running through the mind and the feelings of the person that made it..Therefore handmade is unique and with a life of its own.

- Apart from creating things what do you do?
Spend time with my loved ones, read books, study Japanese..

- How do you promote your work?
I don't promote my work actually...Apart from Flickr and all the lovely ladies-friends and their friends that have supported me since I begun selling, nothing else really..I don't blog and I don't spend a lot of time surfing on the internet...

- Do you have a studio or a special place in your house you work your creations? Tell us about this place.
I don't have a studio really..I work wherever I can discover a free and comfortable space..
Most of the times, I put all my tools and gems on a wooden table that my father made and I painted..

Which is your favorite tool?
I actually love all my tools..If one is missing I cant work..Perhaps my round pliers is my favorite..I use it to wrap the lovely gemmies!!

Do you have someone who helps you in some way with your etsy shop?
What exactly is he/she doing?
My fiance helps me A LOT! He gives me many ideas on how to photograph my jewelry, he helps by designing some pieces too..

- Your favorite websites,etsy shops,movies, books,music.
I love flickr and Etsy..
There are so many etsy shops I love..like : theprincessnextdoor, homelab, gemheaven, tigerburningbright, antigoni, silverstorm, mgypsy, lirola, brightstar, psarokokalo and many many others..
Movies-music-books :The Lord of the rings,a Beautiful Mind,The Piano,
Portishead, Beethoven,Mozart, Chopin, Ar.Franklin, Astor Piazzola and many many more
100 years of Solitude

- In 10 years I'd like to be......
........healthy doing what I love most: still learning, and making jewelry :)