Tips & Tricks #2

"GOOGLE" your Etsy Shop

Geia xara!!!!

Who wouldn't just love to see his creations in the most famous search engine???

Read what follows and give it a try!!!
I was so excited when I found out how easy this can be!!!!

Google's latest database allows you to search for products. By loading your Etsy shop items into the Google Product Search database (formerly called 'Froogle'), you can attract a lot of new traffic from across the web.

The following link is actually what you are going to love since it does all the work by itself.
It very easy to use and the only thing required is a google account.

Let's Ets, is an easy program set up that allows you to load your items in quickly and efficiently.
This is a great tool that will pull all of your Etsy listings and format them exactly the way they need to be formatted for the Google Base tool.

On the link above use at first the Google base formatter.
For more information on how that works please go here.

If you have any questions though, please leave a comment and we will work it out!!!!