I'm Dina and I'm a Shopaholic

from MistyAurora
I decided to kick off our new shiny blog with style!
As an admitted shopaholic i will be keeping you company by virtually shopping here every now and then from our team's talented artists. It will be more like torture for me and i will eventually give in and end up bankrupt but its ok the Swedish government is very generous so i will bounce back fast.
My two vices are handbags and jewelry but today i will get a nice variety.

Like this adorable pocket mirror from kissthefrog.
A woman's must have accessory at all times.
You never know when that lettuce will camp between your front teeth without you noticing.

Here is something very usefull to me and specifically my mental health
from the very talented Artistico
Going through the last semester of my Master Degree can be very stressful and neurotic.

And its purple! I love purple!

A nice pair of gloves is a must for the swedish winter and i really love these from homelab

Yes i know they are fingerless and i will probably be too after i wear them here when its -16 degrees but how else can i show off this amazing ring from Nafsika

So since the fingers lost anyway i might as well keep the neck area warm with this
cozy scartlette by the lovely Eve of creationsbyeve

Winter is over soon though so i will close with a pair of
really happy and bright earrings from Antigoni

I hope you liked them all and make sure to take a stroll around the Greek community of Etsy because there are a lot of treasures to be discovered :)