Twitter tools for every one for promotion etsy shops

Twitter tools for every one

Many people ask me where can they find some tools for their twitter
here is some

Web Services/Mashups (Utilities):

  1. AlphaTwitter is a tool to see what’s being shared by twitter users. Most popular links rise to the the top.

  2. AnswerMe is a tool to help you track questions you ask on Twitter.

  3. AutoPostr lets your Twitter friends know whenever you post a new photo to flickr.

  4. AutoTwit automatically schedule updates to twitter. This site points out that its pointless.

  5. Brabblr allows you to keep an eye on and update your Twitter and Jaiku accounts from a central place.

  6. Chirrup allows you to collect Twitter comments for your site.

  7. CommuterFeed lets you keep an eye on traffic incidents through twitter.

  8. CrowdStatus allows you to organize your contacts into groups.

  9. EmailTwitter interact with twitter via email. Save money on SMS messages.

  10. FeedTweeter lets you send your plurks to Twitter.

  11. Flix Pulse is real time movie reviews based on Tweets.

  12. Gridjit allows you to see tweets by users rather than in chronological order.

  13. GroupTweet allows you to send private Twitter messages to specific groups.

  14. Hashtags allows realtime tracking of Twitter Hashtags (#).

  15. LiveTwitting is a mechanism to cover conference sessions.

  16. MoniTwitter keeps an eye on your servers and informs status using Twitter.

  17. PingTwitter ping Twitter when you update your blog.

  18. Quotably makes a twitter conversation into a threaded conversation.

  19. Stocktwits lets you follow stocks on Twitter.

  20. Timer is a Twitter bot that helps you set an alarm for things you need to remember.

  21. TrackThis allows you to track your Fedex, UPS, USPS and DHL packages.

  22. Twannabe lets you find out who your Twitter hero is following and you are not.

  23. Tweetl a url shortening service for twitter posts that also allows you to post to twitter from their site.

  24. Twitzu allows you to create an event and let your followers know about it.

  25. TubeStatus Get London tube status delivered via Twitter.

  26. Tweet2Tweet tracks the public Twitter timeline to collect data in order to view conversations between two users

  27. Tweetahead schedule tweets in the future.

  28. TweetAnswers allows you to ask questions, get answers.

  29. TweetBurner lets you shorten, tweet and track the links on Twitter.

  30. TweetShots takes screen shots of your tweets that you can embed in tumblr or other pages.

  31. Twemes follows tweets that have embedded tags that start with a # character.

  32. Twerpscan allows you to identify and block spammers on your Twitter contact list.

  33. Tweviews lets you describe your impression of a song or a movie, a book or an album through Twitter.

  34. Twibler automatically posts your new eBay listings to your Twitter account.

  35. Twictionary is a repository for all sorts of words used on Twitter.

  36. Twiddeo is Twitter plus video.

  37. Twiddict allows you to Twitter even if Twitter is down.

  38. Twistori visualizes tweets through a pretty interface.

  39. Twifter finds common friends for a list of twitter usernames.

  40. Twimbler is a tumble blog that gets updated through Twitter.

  41. Twitabit stores your tweets when Twitter is down and then delivers them when Twitter comes back up.

  42. TwitSay lets you leave voice messages on Twitter.

  43. TwitterCal use Twitter to post events to Google Calendar.

  44. TwitterCounter allows you to display a badge that shows the number of your followers

  45. TwitterFeed will take your rss feed and post it to Twitter.

  46. TwitterFone converts your voice message into a tweet and lets you listen to a recording also.

  47. TwitterPacks answers the question: If someone were joining Twitter today, who might they follow?

  48. TwitThis a button for your blog so that visitors can twitter about it.

  49. TwitterShare allows you to share files (less than 10 MB) while using Twitter. Mac client available also.

  50. Wiiizzz lets you see what tracks people are sharing on Twitter. You can also play the songs.

  51. Who Should I Follow gives suggestions on interesting people to follow.

Web Services/Mashups (Other):
  1. Bkkeepr Tracks the books you are reading.

  2. Confess 2.0 confess your sins to Twitter.

  3. Favrd lists interesting things on Twitter, based on the number of times an item has been declared a ‘favorite’.

  4. Favotter collects a lot of favorites from many Twitter'ers.

  5. FlickrMixr flickr and twitter integration.

  6. Flussgeist integration of twitter and flickr.

  7. InnerTwitter reconnects you to your original happiness by utilizing twitter.

  8. Overheard It is a site that pulls in all the fun things people overhear on Twitter.

  9. PoliTweets tracks conversations about US Presidential hopefuls.

  10. Pulseofopensource follows heavyweights in the open source movement on Twitter.

  11. Qwitter helps you quit smoking.

  12. SnapTweet allows you to send your latest Flickr photo to Twitter.

  13. Start4all a directory of important twitter pages.

  14. Swotter read a book through twitter.

  15. Tweet140 is a game. To win you need to maintain an average close to 140 characters per tweet.

  16. Tweetgift is a simple way to send virtual gifts to your friends.

  17. Twaction allows you to poke, slap, smile at your friends on Twitter.

  18. Tweetweet tweets show up as conversation between two characters.

  19. Tweetwire reformats tweets in a newspaper format.

  20. is a social database of categorized (jobs, events) tweets.

  21. Twitdir allows you to search for friends (real or fake). Think of it as Twitter White Pages.

  22. Twitku keep an eye on your Twitter and Jaiku messages.

  23. TwitPic share your photos on Twitter.

  24. Twitslikeme allows you to find other people who share your interests on twitter.

  25. TwitterBlacklist is a list of known spammers of various kinds.

  26. TwitterBrowser lets you browse ones friends graphically.

  27. TwitCash a scheme to make money on twitter.

  28. Twitterer second life and twitter mashup.

  29. TwitterFountain allows tweets to be viewed real-time, big screen.

  30. TwitterGram allows you to post audio messages to Twitter.

  31. TwitLinks The latest links from the worlds top tech twitter users.

  32. TwittPoll follow polls on twitter from twittpoll.

  33. Twitterkarma allows you to see if you have a one way or two way relationship with your friends and followers.

  34. Twitterku unintentional poetry pulled from the Twitter public stream.

  35. TwitterLit publishes the first line of a book twice a day with a link to that book.

  36. TwitterLocal allows you to find out whos Tweeting near you based on zip codes, states and locations.

  37. TwitterMosaic mosaics created from Twitter user icons.

  38. TwitterNotes allows you to check notes on Twitter. Notes start with a + sign

  39. TwitterPlanetarium is a nice visualization for tweets. No options to speak of.

  40. TwitterSnooze lets you disable your followers for a specified period of time.

  41. TwitterTale track all the bad words being used on Twitter.

  42. TwitSpy allows you to see all the incoming tweets in a fancy AJAXy way.

  43. TwitterTube Based upon the latest Twitterings feed, this yahoo pipe creator gathers the matching youtube vids.

  44. Twitterverse presents a tag cloud of all the twitters.

  45. TwitterWatch lets you see all the latest tweets like a slide show.

  46. TwitterWhere makes it easy to update Twitter with your current location.

  47. Twubble searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.

  48. Visual Twitter allows you to send an image to your Twitter updates.

  49. Wordy Birdie is a Twitter based word frequency quessing game.