Featured Seller : psarokokalo

by Stemellina


- Tell us a bit about yourself(name,location,affiliation)
i am what i do, and i am called maria.

- What inspires you?Where do your ideas come from?
my daughter growing up inspires me , the memories of my grandparents, my childhood, peoples trash, native tribes, a sunny beach, a night drive with my car.

- Why should buy handmade?

handmade staff are beautiful with a personality and ecofriendly usually

- Apart from creating things what do you do?

have fun with my family and friends!

- Do you have a studio or a special place in your house you work your creations?
Tell us about this place.
i have a room in my house where i work and all my staff are. it is a very sunny room and i am happy about that. when i have lot's of work or am in creative mood i spread my 'special place' in all the house and with a little help from my daughter all the house becomes a messy studio.

- What are your favorites materials?
wool, old sheets, scraps of fabric, plastics from the beach, wood.

- How do you promote your work?
i am not good with promoting , i am bored of endless hours in the net, i wait for lovely people like you to write about me :-) .
flickr is a net place that i find exiting, i meet great artists there view their work, get inspired ... and hope that someone will see my work and shop in extension.
in real life to promote myself i take part in trade shows , exhibitions , fairs, bazaars, and be good with my mothers girlfriends :-)

_ Do you have to tell us about a special storage place for your materials.
How it helps you?
i collect tin boxed and use them as a storage, all kind of sizes and colors of tin boxes from cigars, biscuits ....

- Do you have someone who helps you in some way with your etsy shop?
What exactly is doing?
nope no one helps

- Which is your favorite tool?
my eye pincushion.

- Your favorite websites,etsy shops,movies,books,music.
i rarely look at websites nowadays internet has become a blog , myspace, facebook ,flickr .......thing. i do not know if that's good or bad.

some of my favorite etsy shops are :

movies and music i can't start writing ...it will be a long boring list... but i can see all the john Cusack movies ( yes i do have a crush on him) :-)

- In 10 years I'd like to be..............living in a Greek island with a few inhabitants and distribute my work from there!