Greek style

by Tina

This post was supposed to go up yesterday as it was a National Holiday here. On October 28th 1940, Greece denied to surrender tο Mussolini's regime and by doing so entered 2nd World War. The holiday gave me the idea to look for pictures that bring to mind  Greece and Greek style. Do you think of any of these when you hear "greek style" and what would you add to the list? Would you remove something?

 Cycladic female figurine

Russian ballet dancer Nicolsca photographed in front of the Parthenon by Nelly's in the 1920s.

Saridis furniture inspired by Greek antiquity. This particular chair belongs to the permanent exhibition of the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Ilias Lalaounis jewelry inspired by ancient Greece

 Grecian style haute couture dress

Byzantine icon of 16th century

The picking of olives by Theophilos

Pebble mosaic in Rhode

greek painted sign (jenninrome)

via flickr (katew)

via flickr (cinnamonfeta)

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I'm Dina and I'm a Shopaholic

by MistyAurora
Summer has come and gone and yet i am still here.
So is the Etsy Greek Street Team so lets get shopping.

My second beloved season that is Autumn often brings a frown to many people's faces.
Waving goodbye to summer and facing the gray chilly months ahead isn't always pleasant.
Well it is for me and it shall be for you too now.

Any season can be fun and the members of the Etsy Greek Street Team have exactly what you need to make it so.

Nafsika's bracelet really needs no other introduction as the titles says it all:
Just for fun Jade bracelet
I really want to eat it
Before i became a tech nerd I used to write phone numbers etc on my palm.
Not so smart since everything was blurry and an ink mess quite fast.
Evrydiki's Blackboard Necklace is a great solution to that and so much more. She also has a matching earrings and ring so check out her shop!
All you need now is strangers to ask for their numbers.

Usually i don't like monsters but this one from Lacravatteduchien is a Flying Monster so it doesn't count.
Plus its so cute you can't really resist it. How cute would this look your cardigan?
Yes i know!

Some people might find this necklace a conversation opened so who am i to deny them the social interaction. My name starts with an.....N! And here comes the guessing and giggling.
All thanx to woolicious who can customize the pendant for you.

Most of the time after fall comes winter. I love winter and I cannot stress that enough.
Now, you don't expect Polar Bears to be friendly we all know that but HeartshapedCreations manages to make them look so much more than that.
An adorable picture holder.

Snuggle up, keep warm and have fun!
Till next time
Dina ;)