ETSY Helpful Links - Not found Via Etsy

from ColourLab

An interesting list I found during my browsing in the world!!!! :-) Accumulated wisdom from seasoned sellers. Treasury tutorial. Prepare a treasury. Tag Fractal Etsy Search. Cool! Where to go if Etsy is down. Site to find handmade items.
Fees calculators. TheBeadingTree's international rate chart. International Postage rate chart. (Has not been updated.) Cross platform means to screen shots. Another screen shot capture. Make long links short. How to make those little characters. Conversions. Pic site. Convert any document to a PDF! How to make your own banner. And lots more! We love etsy shops directory.

mini blogs:

Business: Labeling requirements for cloth goods, info about selling jewelry, including appropriate wording to use for silver vs silver-colored jewelry...

Thanks to LooseWireStudio for the above collection!!!!