I'm Dina and I'm a Shopaholic

by MistyAurora

Going through the last weeks of May and then entering officially summer makes me think of the heat (not a big fan of it but anyway) that comes with it.
The first colors that come to mind, red, orange, coral shades and then a splash of aqua blue to calm me down :)

This gorgeous bracelet from tresordesac is full of color and a great accessory to have for a summer outing :)

The woman behind psarokokalo is really as special as her creations and this necklace is no exception.
Straight from the beach to decorate your neck :)

Speaking of special..you really can't get something more special wrapped around you than this amazing scarf made of a vintage kimono fabric.
karmologyclinic calls it Sparkling Orange and i must agree :)

It is hard to resist including something from creationsbyeve when i see a shrug as lovely and summery as this!

Here comes the red i mentioned earlier :)

Even though my summer "fruit" (technically not a fruit) is strawberry, i have to mention these juicy deliciously looking cherries painting from artbygeorgiaMouthwatering...i know!

A lovely bracelet from Nafsika which featured a heart and also an evil eye bead to keep the jealous ones from jinxing you, looking gorgeous and all!

So many great creations to choose from...now when can we win that big pot of cash?

Till next time
Dina ;)