I'm Dina and I'm a Shopaholic

What does a shopaholic do when summer is so close?
Well...shop of course :)

Even if you do not suffer from a shopping addiction when summer is around the corner you always grab something new, colorful, breezy for the warm weather ahead.

Colors, vivid colors!

Like these stunning earrings from lacravatteduchien.
Do i need to tell you how great they are for a summer outing? :)

Heat can be a lot more tolerable with a breezy skirt like this one from karmologyclinic.
Not many things can match the feeling of the cool breeze you get on a summer's night :)

I can never resist Nafsika's shop and this bracelet is just too good to not mention it when it comes to summer!
Those colors will just look amazing with a bit of tan :)

NickyBee has put together the signature fruit of summer combined with my favorite accessory.
What else can I ask for? :)

A bit of tan would show off these rings by Evrydiki in the most amazing way!
But remember to take it easy with the sun..its not as friendly as we would want it to be :)

Till next time..