Featured Seller

by stemellina

- Tell us a bit about yourself(name,location,affiliation)My name is Elli Platanou I am 27 years old and I live in Athens-Greece.I am a member of the "ETSY GREEK STREET TEAM" and have my own etsy shop. :)Crafts and music are the two things I enjoy doing the most , when I am not working as a swimming trainer.
I started making jewelry about 9 years ago just for fun. When I made so many of them that they couldn't fit at my house I started giving them as gifts to my friends.Then my friends started asking for their friends so that's how I started selling.

- What inspires you?Where do your ideas come from?I like making cute and girly jewelry using all kinds of materials and I try to create unusual pieces that you can't find everyday. I get inspired from everything that's cute and girly!

- What are your favorites materials?I use all kinds of materials but my favorites are BUTTONS RIBBONS and CLAY!
But no matter what materials I choose for each item I make, I think that It is the result that counts :)

- Why should buy handmade?Because handmade items are unique and made with love!

- Apart from creating things what do you do?I am a singer in a group and a swimming and aqua aerobic coach.

- How do you promote your work?I try to take really nice photos of my products, I chat in the forums and try to meet other sellers on etsy , I join etsy groups , I use twitter and facebook and I have a blog ( www.onstage69.blogspot.com )and a site ( www.elliep.com ).An other thing that helped me is to renew items at least once a day.

- Do you have a studio or a special place in your house you work your creations? Tell us about this place.Yes I have a studio at home but I work everywhere in the house, even on the bed!
Music helps me a lot to create and that's why my I have my stereo in my crafting corner.

- Which is your favorite tool?My favorite tools are my hands :)

-Do you have to tell us about a special storage place for your materials. Is it handmade by you or you bought it.My favorite storage place is my ribbon storage box.I made it by myself and I found this really beautiful, helpful and easy to make idea from www.crafbits.com .

-How it helps you?Storage boxes help me find what I need easily, work faster and having more space.

- Do you have someone who helps you in some way with your etsy shop?
What exactly is doing?All my friends and family help me with their comments on my work.Good or bad critiques are always helpful.

- Your favorite websites,etsy shops,movies,books,music.

websites/etsy shops
www.poppicrafts.co.uk (supplies)
www.sayila.nl (supplies)
www.olay.etsy.com (supplies)
www.youtube.com (great craft ideas!)
www.ftiaxto.gr (great craft ideas!)
www.bwin.com (where I play poker)

There are too many!I enjoy horror films the most.
Craft books and magazines
Soul,Funk,Rock,Blues and Pop

- In 10 years I'd like to be..............healthy