Making caps for a good cause! The caps for good team meeting!

Yesterday we met at Kangaroo craft store and made caps for the «Caps for Good» charity campaign. We had a wonderful time! Drinking coffee and chatting, we made cute little caps for the newborn babies of the third world. Sofie from Kangaroo was a fantastic hostess! She offered us coffee, tea, cookies, donated the yarns for knitting... and gave us everything we needed... needles, tools, scisors... Thank you so much Sofie!You rock!

Needles in action!

The respond to the invitation of our team was awesome! We gathered about 20 persons, but many ladies who couldn't come to the meeting brought the caps that they made at home... At the end of the meeting I counted about 57 caps!!
But I'm still expecting more, from the ladies who will make some at home and also the caps that our team members made at Thessaloniki, when they met at Matas place and knit together:

and the caps that were made from students and mothers, at the meeting Eleni organized at Poros :
A big thank you first of all to Sofie who gave us the space and organized everything, all the ladies who participated, spending their Sunday afternoon with us and to my good friend Vangelis, who lasted a whole afternoon with 20 chatty ladies and took such marvelous pictures of the event!!  
And to Mata and Eleni who organized events too and made caps for our lovely cause!!

Also no to forget to mention, that our charity event is still running till the 15th of February and many shops of the EGST team are donating  a percentage of their sales to «Caps for Good»! If you want to participate and donate to this lovely cause too, but can't knit or crochet, you can, by purchasing something of these lovely shops! You can see here the shops that are participating to the campaign!
Thank you girlz :) and boy ;)