Caps for good!Σκουφάκια για καλό σκοπό!

Our team (EGST) members are grabbing their needles and hooks on Sunday 30th January and are inviting other knitters at Kangaroo craft store to make caps for the "Caps for Good” campaign!
Our team member Eleni, aka Erganiweaving, who lives at Poros island, is also organising a meeting on Thursday 21st January at K.D.A.P., inviting knitters and students of the Poros island to make a cap for the newborns, and our team member Matta, aka AWITCH, is also organising a meeting at Thessaloniki with other team members from the area!Thank you Eleni and Matta!!
La.Trap shop gallery, the shop of our friends and team members Psarokokalo and Eyrydiki are joining forces with us and will host a caps crocheting event at their shop on the 9th February, during the crochet workshops they are having!Thank you girls :)

Additionally our team is having a fund-raising for the Children's Newborn and Child Survival Programs of "Save the Children" organization: from the 15th January to the 15th February, team members are donating money, or percentage of the sales from their shops!

Go browse the team's shops and contribute to this lovely cause!
Please visit these lovely shops which are donating a percentage of the sales:
Psyboom, Antigoni, Creationsbyeve,ERGANIweaving, Stephmel, FishesmakeWishes,Blueroompottery, Blueroombijoux, Feelwhatifelt, Nafsika, Awitch, LepetitFoyer, Giftforever, Sivylla,Peachypop, oneperfectday,Nakedtile,
and have donated money: WeirdTales, AtelierTAMI, Pergamondo,
to this noble cause!

"Caps for Good” is a grassroots initiative of the global humanitarian organization Save the Children and the "Warm Up America Foundation". The project seeks to engage knitters and crocheters to take action for the 4 million babies who die each year within the first month of life in poor countries.

Research shows that 50 percent of the 4 million newborn deaths that occur each year could be prevented if mothers and children in poor countries had access to a simple package of health measures। This package includes antibiotics to fight infections, immunizations, training for skilled birth attendants, education on breastfeeding and hygiene, and basic care such as keeping a baby warm by covering the head and carrying the baby skin-to-skin. America’s leaders could save millions of newborns by increasing international assistance for programs that offer these inexpensive life-saving tools.