last Saturday our quess the theme winner

I visited her shop and I found so many great stuff , I spied her and I found this great BIO!!!

Personalized embroidered monogram pendantRed earrings with heart
Ssssssss don’t tell no one about this … because I want to surprise her with this post..
Her name is Tina and she live in Athens, Greece, with her husband and 2 little boys. After missing a lot of time doing things that she didn't enjoy she is at last in the right place: She make jewelry and she love it.

She has always enjoyed making stuff. As a kid she loved painting with watercolours, making clothes for her dolls (using a rather unconventional method), and making paper stuff to decorate her room. As a grown up she took pottery lessons for 2 years, painted children murals and furniture and occasionally made jewelry. But 3 years ago she started again and she can't stop since.
Circle bracelet with text Heart brooch with text - redSquare pendant with leafGold and black ring with heartBlack square earringsPurple rectangle pendant with catPurple heart bracelet

As a woman she like to wear different kinds of jewelry depending on the mood or the circumstances, as a crafter she loves to play with various materials otherwise she would be bored. Currently she experiment with papier mache. Nevertheless the materials that can be used in jewelry making and their combinations are endless and she can't wait to try them.
You can learn more about the things she loves if you visit her blog:
and from her blog i copied this post ssssssssss... dont tell her....xexexexexe

This feels great! I am featured in greek Lucky magazine's June's issue, as "designer of the month". I don't know if this will mean anything for my business, for the moment I am just enjoying it. They also put a link of my shop on their site.

Αυτό είναι υπέροχο! Το περιοδικό Lucky του Ιουνίου με παρουσιάζει σαν "σχεδιαστή του μήνα".Δεν ξέρω αν αυτό θα σημαίνει κάτι για τη δουλειά μου, προς το παρόν απολαμβάνω τη στιγμή. Έχουν βάλει και ένα σύνδεσμο προς το κατάστημά μου στο site τους.

Tina is famous !!!!!!!!!!! ... now i need some coffee after that... very hard work to spy
bye for now ... see you later.....

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