Tuesday, October 12, 2010

KALLITHEA RHODES - EGST Greek Inspiration Challenge - ΕΛΛΑΔΑ : Πρόκληση Δημιουργίας

Welcome to our EGST #6 inspiration challenge :)
We drew our inspiration from Rhodes island. The beautiful spot of our photo is Kallithea beach - Kallithea in greek means beautiful view.

Thank you for looking :)

Το τελευταίο μας καλοκαιρινο θέμα - έμπνευση δημιουργίας έρχεται από τη Ρόδο και την υπέροχη παραλία της Καλλιθέας.   

                   Handwoven hearts hair pins    by ERGANIweaving

Autumn Sea Ruffles. Cuff- Blue Linen Ruffle Cuff with Vintage Crochet Lace       by oneperfectday

Kallithea - Business card size envelopes - Set of 8    by PaperFairytale  


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  2. Antigoni thank you for a wonderful post!
    Once again, the Greek team manifested their creativity, I am stunned by the creations of everyone in this post!

  3. I'm SO happy that my beloved island of Rhodes inspired your new challenge and so many beautiful creations!!! I love them all, but in particular I'm in love with Elena's pebble painting!

  4. That bag is adorable!

  5. hello, your creations are really beautiful. Congratulations


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