Thursday, March 11, 2010

The egst gives you gift ideas for Mother's Day !!!

The Etsy Greek Street team gives you some gift ideas for Mother's Day!
Also, have a look to the other greek shops!

Mom, I look at you
and see a walking miracle.
Your unfailing love without limit,
your ability to soothe my every hurt,
the way you are on duty, unselfishly,
every hour, every day,
makes me so grateful
that I am yours, and you are mine.
With open arms and open heart,
with enduring patience and inner strength,
you gave so much for me,
sometimes at your expense.
You are my teacher,
my comforter, my encourager,
appreciating all, forgiving all.
Sometimes I took you for granted, Mom,
but I don’t now, and I never will again.
I know that everything I am today
relates to you and your loving care.
I gaze in wonder
as I watch you being you—
my miracle, my mother.

By Joanna Fuchs,

click to the links under the mosaic to see more details for the handmade creations!

  1. Hand embroidered monogrammed lavender sachet M

  2. pART Black White CHILDHOOD paper ring

  3. Une Femme - 8 x 10 Art Print - Girl Woman Illustration

  4. Leopard Heart Earring Studs

  5. SALE Treasure chained desert necklace OOAK

  6. To be a housewife - Marilyn Monroe art - limited edition - special edition

  7. Sterling Silver Heart Earrings

  8. RUFFLES dark grey scarf

  9. Mother and Daughter Wool Needle Felted Tapestry

  10. Linen Lavender Sachets, Moth-Begone

  11. for the mummy-to-be

  12. Angel pig pendant


  1. Great Theme ...beautiful picks!!!!
    Thank you very much for including my wool felted tapestry :)

  2. beautiful post and this day :)

    thnks so much for my poster in your selections

  3. Great Theme ....beautiful picks!
    Many thanks for including my wool felted tapestry:)

  4. oh! Thanks a lot for including my print here together with these great finds! :O)

  5. Love the poem and the beautiful finds!

  6. Thanks for including my ring!


Thank you for your lovely words ♡

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