Tuesday, December 27, 2011

EGST Craft Party - Bazaar

Etsy Greek Street Team  Craft Party - Bazaar is over!
EGST team organised a Christmas multy-event, which was hosted in a beautiful  neo-classical building in the city of Athens.
We were crafting and partying for a whole week!!! 

Our hands couldn't stand still though! The participants created some wonderful items to decorate the place, using recycled materials! A fantastic hanger christmas tree (according to the hanger lamp tutorial),some amazing garlands using christmas lights and pieces of fabric (as shown in the middle pictures above) and lots of creative surprizes that will take over the next  post which is dedicated to our workshops!
We had prepared a lot of surprizes for our visitors as well as a big red Santa bag full of handmade gifts!!!

Everybody was happy to meet new people and spend time with the ones we had already become friends since the previous EGST events! Chatting and laughs allover the place, but also serious conversations about crafting , new techniques and working together as a team. 
37 artists filled the place with colors, shapes, beautiful creations and smiling faces!

We thank all the people who visited us, for showing their love to handmade, for buying their presents from our goodies, for attending our workshops but mostly for their excitement and their loving comments about our efford and the high level of our creations!
Stay tuned!!! There's more to come...

The participants:
36. Wire My Tree  37. zdrop


  1. We had such a great time!!! Thanks to all participants and visitors! Can't wait till next time! ;)

  2. We had a great time!! Thank you all for your positive energy, creativity and smiles!:))

  3. And thank you pitsilaki for posting!:)

  4. such a colorful collection of goodies and smiling people! great post Pasxalo :-)

  5. Awesome post! My photos still offline :( You did a great job dear zouzouna! Smatssssssssss!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... so jealous! :) you are all so amazing! Kisses!

  7. It was amazing!!! I want more!!! I already miss the fun and all the wonderful people there!!

  8. It was fantastic!!!!! I miss you all!!!!!!! ♥

  9. Την επομενη φορά θα είμαι κι εγώ , ντάσι;;;

  10. we had such fun!!as always!!!can't wait for the next one ;)

  11. I KNOW you people had a great time!
    EGST bazaars and craft shows are always the best fun!
    Wish I'd been there!

  12. We were there too! :))
    It's nice to be near happy and creative people!
    Thank you girls!!!

  13. Φτου και ΒγαίνωJanuary 10, 2012 at 1:04 AM

    Such a sweet post! Thanks to all participants and visitors - many wishes for our next bazaar ;)


Thank you for your lovely words ♡

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