Friday, February 13, 2009

Etsy Greek Street Team Members

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Paper goods, Prints, Art cards :

Artbygeorgia Invest in ART.. Watercolor paintings,prints,note cards etc. Please visit me at

Artistico Original art by Kostas Tsipos. Silver jewleries unique prints , posters, handmade art . You can see what I have for sale at

Kingsqueens One of a kind paper treasures to give to friends or….keep for yourself !
Please visit me at

Beads and I Beads, seeds,stones and much more…
Please visit me at

Antigoni Jewels and Lucky Charms!!! Take a look at it, who knows something good may happen to you !

Evrydiki A girl how loves gemstones,silver and felt. Necklaces, earrings and unique bracelets

thalassajewelry We are two friends who are designing and working together. We use precious and semi-precious stones as well as glass beads, freshwater pearls and swarovski crystals.

smallyellowfish Enjoy long & colourful summer breeze many new earrings , broaches & bracelets. You can see what I have for sale at

Paulina_dim Romantic and funky jewelry. Please visit me at

Simondatene All my jewelery are unique. Visit my ‘’little people and their own world'’

Totooto We are two girls that we love what we are doing and would like to share it with all of you. Please visit us at

Nakedtile Cute, fun, kitschy jewelry (! ) by two sisters. You can see what we have for sale at

Colourlab Colourful jewlery using polymer clay and findings. Please visit my little shop at

Mistyaurora Dina’s Handmade goodies…A large collection of funky jewelry.

Onstage69 Special gifts ….for special people! Please visit me at

Jewels by Jessica One of a kind jewelry….from the vintage to the funky !

Zozo_garden Jewels and accessories from various materials, knitting wool, ribbon, vintage beads and buttons.

The princess next door I love to play with various materials. Gemstones, silver,Paper mache and much more. Please visit my little shop at

Zmnim Bracelets,earrings,necklaces for happy people !

Mariza1978 I love mixing colours, all kind of beads, cords and fabrics. The metal I am using is sterling silver. Visit me at

Maroulina Maroulina's handmade creations: jewelry and felt.

Lacravateduchien Here you can find all kinds of handmade crafts! Jewelry, belts, magnets, pillows and more!

Mod3rnArt Two young artists whom enjoy making beautiful items and sharing them with the world, Please visit us at:

marina l Here you can find a collection of my work made exclusively by me at my workshop.

Trisevyeni I love colours. I am in love with I combined these three passions by making jewelry.

Nafsika Each item is hand crafted and made with the utmost tender loving care!! Please visit my little shop!

Ladyaranwen I love styles from older time periods like the middle ages and the Renaissance. I add a bit of Gothic essence and voila!

Stemellina Here you can find unique jewelry and handmade felted supplies. Please visit me at
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Clothes, accessories crochet and more..

Creationsbyeve etsy One-of-a-kind creations. Shrugs, scarves, hats, capelets, bags and other handmade accessories.

Kissthefrog Here you can
find cute prints of original drawings.
Hand-painted clothes and unique accessories.

Psarokokalo Everything can be made here.. You can see what I have for sale at

Homelab This store makes mostly knitted items. Scarfs, scarflettes, fingerless gloves are some of my favorites.
Please visit me at

stellamaria Here you can find Crochet characters, pouches and bags. Visit my little shop at


  1. pls osoi den einai sthn lista na afhsoun edw ola ta stoixeia tous gia na anartithoun sthnlista
    perigrafh magaziou
    Url magaziou

    eyxaristv poly

    kai eyxaristv thn Kingsqueens poy mas ekane thn lista:)

  2. Tha parakalo tha ithela na graftei to shop mou sosta
    Thank in

  3. LOL! For happy people! How'd you know?! Thanks for the cute description. :oD

  4. Θα ηθελα να βαλουμε και το supplies μαγαζι μου αν ειναι ευκολο.

  5. Geia sas, 8a h8ela naginw ki egw melos sto blog! Ti prepei na kanw? Ayto to one click not ifier ti einai?

  6. Can you add this shop please...

    The Paper Kingdom
    Personalized Paper Goods

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  8. Handmade miniature clay cakes and pastries for dollhouses in 1:12 scale!1:12 means that 1 inch/cm (in miniature) = 12 inch/cm (in reality)1:12. Sometimes I make other kinds of clay food and also clay food jewelry!
    Please visit my little shop at:

  9. home & decor
    everythig for your home handmade

  10. antigoni
    Jewels and Lucky charms made with love and joy!

    Beads and Findings

  11. HeartshapedCreations
    Polymer Clay creations
    Variety Shops

  12. geia! egina melos sto group toy flickr alla den ksero an einai arketo gia na ginw melos tou greek team. gi auto dinw k dw ta stoixeia mou...
    mosaics studio

  13. kalhmera.. den eimai stin lista toy egst sto etsy akoma alla nomizw oti me exoyn apodextei.:)
    ti prepei na kanw gia na mpw ki edw stin lista?

  14. diavazontas ta pio panw ....katalava oti prepei na afisw ta stoixeia moy edw...
    Jewelry - handmade jewelry from wood to pearls and vitro, in unusual combinations as often as it occurs:)

  15. Geia sas paidia ta stoixeia gia tin lista einai
    Wearable Art.
    Handpainted clothes for men and women and
    accesories.One of a kind items......

  16. Kalispera ki apo mena! Molis egina melos!Ta stoixeia mou einai:
    Hand made jewelry - If ribbons, laces and flounces are your thing, then you'll love it here!


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