Featured Seller

Feature Seller : Nafsika
by Stemellina

Tell us a bit about yourself(name,location,affiliation)

My name is Nafsika Emmanouela Maria (yes..thats my full name indeed don’t laugh!), I live in Athens, Greece and I work full time as a secretary for a Postgraduate program.

What inspires you?Where do your ideas come from?

I am mostly inspired by nature! Flowers, seeds, sea shells do the trick for me!

What are your favorites materials?

My absolute favorite is enamel! I love the way it transforms the otherwise rather cold metal to something alive!

Why should buy handmade?

I will answer in different way…why you shouldn’t buy handmade…Don’t buy handmade if you want to follow the crowd, if you like owning something that another 1.000.000 people already has, if you think inside the box and don’t like a personal touch to the things you buy!

Apart from creating things what do you do?

Well….i guess my second love is photography (http://www.flickr.com/photos/nausika/) I also love reading books and have a major passion for the movies!!

How do you promote your work?
I mainly use flickr and facebook. Also I use frequently the renew feature of etsy. Finally I wear my jewelry and I do firmly believe that that’s a great way to promote your work at least to the people around you!

Do you have a studio or a special place in your house you work your creations?

Yes, I have a small space dedicated to metalsmithing! It’s my sanctuary!

Tell us about this place.

Well …the only thing that I can say is that most of the times it reminds me of the chaos theory!...need I say more!

Which is your favorite tool?

Hm…I love all my tools but if I must choose then I would have to say my blow torch! I used to be very afraid of using a torch but somehow I got over my fear and now I just love using it!

Do you have to tell us about a special storage place for your materials.
Is it handmade by you or you bought it. How it helps you?

I really appreciate my boxes. I keep a lot of them because as I use the lost wax technique a lot I need a safe way to transport my creations! I use boxes of candy mainly that I have bought (and eaten…the candies that is ;) )…and some (very dear to me) were bought this summer from a little book store in Amorgos island and I especially love them.

Do you have someone who helps you in some way with your etsy shop?
What exactly is doing?

No, I do all the work my self! My boyfriend though gives me helpful hints especially in practical matters regarding the functionality of my creations.

Your favorite websites, etsy shops, movies, books, music.

I am unfortunately addicted to Facebook .Also I love Flickr!
There are many sellers on etsy that I adore!I have recently purchased things from: Spa Therapy Works (amazing products), chickadeebeads, marmar!I also love the work of Antigoni, Stemellina, Psarokokalo, Kreativlink, Marjji, BirdlandCreations and many many many others!!!!
Movies well… I loved: anything with Johny Depp in it, the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Requiem for a Dream, Le grand Blue and more !
In books I admit I am a sucker for romantic novels…like the works of Jane Austen, Bronte Sisters etc.
I can listen to almost everything depending my mood and the company I am with!

In 10 years I'd like to be..............

Well just thinking about the future makes me nervous!!But i am sure i want to be healthy, strong and surrounded by people who love me!